Fox Debate

The First Debate this year will not be dominated by a biased
media presence.

Much as they wanted to create that kind of trap for the Republican candidates in the 2016 presidential election cycle.

Not that this will stop the media from saying and doing what ever they can to smear candidates while they uphold their own choice for the election.

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Trumpeting the Trumpster

Well, it appears that Donald Trump may have had some information that many did not have when he criticized John McCain in a recent Televised event where most of the context of the Audio was cut out.

Even Fox news never showed the full context of the comments that were instantly made controversial.

The thing is there are some reports that John Mccain may have done something to deserve that criticism and guess what as usual most of the media is ignoring this information while still criticizing Trump for Criticizing McCain.

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Sanctuary city slap down…

Today big news is happening but your likely not to hear this on the main stream or hot air networks.

At least your not likely to know the truth if you do listen
to them.

Imagine a nation where some obeyed the laws designed to keep americans or for that matter anyone safe.

Some Cities are known as Sanctuary Cities where they do not actively pursue criminals that come in from outside the US and commit crimes against US citizens.

That sounds crazy right?

Rite Aid in the news

There are a lot of consumer complaints, (alleged) where confusion seems to be a big issue with certain types of prescriptions.

In this video they refuse to fill a prescription because of several different reasons.

The main thing to take away here is that there is no place between you and your doctor where a pharmacy would decide not to fill a prescription.

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Trumping the Media

If you believe what the media are telling you then you might need to have your head examined.

To be more specific these days it is almost safer to assume that anything the media tells you about politics is not only incorrect but the opposite is likely true.

That might be a little disturbing however what is even more disturbing is that the media believe that the public is so ignorant that they will never realize that they are being lied to on a regular basis.

Free Enterprise Eggs

Perhaps you may have heard about the recent news story about an [ALLEGED] shortage of eggs which caused allegedly the cost of eggs to rise dramatically.

There was a shortage of eggs in some small parts of the US but this did not have any effect on the rest of the nation, however the cost of eggs went up just about everywhere all at the same time.

This is not the Free Enterprise System…

Just so you know this is a type of socialism, its not a particularly good one either because it has failed everywhere over the years and were not just talking about a few years either were talking about a lot of years and a lot of different places.

Socialism has failed over and over again because of one simple thing…

People are Human…

Corruption follows the human condition and that is why socialism never works.

Just look at what is happening in Greece right now.

That is what you get when you play with socialism.

The idea of a nationwide price for eggs is right out of the socialism play book.


Because we operate on the free enterprise system which means if there is a shortage of eggs in California it does not effect us here or you where you live, unless you happen to live in California.

However recently a terrible thing happened and that terrible thing was that the cost of eggs went up everywhere all because of a few places where eggs were actually not as readily available.

People just stopped buying eggs and since eggs have a limited shelf life grocers began to quickly understand that they would find themselves with a useless product.

Just have a look at just about any retail location and you will see plenty of eggs.

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