Football and Politics

For most people this time of year is all about football but this year it could be a mixture of politics and football which might seem a bit odd at first however just about everyone is aware of the lack of leadership in Washington.

Its a serious issue for many people and as a Military family it seems almost like the whole world has gone insane.

After the Attacks in Paris everyone was sure that something would be done about the horrible situations that have happened already in this nation more than once.

The media of course have not covered this truth as they should have done and as they would have done had a republican president been in office.

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This time its Serious…

There have been some serious developments in the assessment of American Security against random attacks in the US.

People are concerned about the ability of this administration to protect the American People, not only that but Democrats are just as concerned that were “not doing”  what we need to do to remain safe.

Why is that?

Do you believe that the only thing that guarantees that Evil will Triumph is that good men (and good Women also) do nothing.

Is it time to begin to take steps to preserve the Union?  The Constitution?  The United States?

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2016 Presidential Election

An Amazing fact that you will not view on Broadcast Media is the idea that the truth is something that the average voter will not be able to understand.

    There are so many inconsistancies in coverage of the upcoming 2016 Election Process.

You see coverage in the so called, “Main Stream Media” that is so obviously biased that even the most jaded voter can see through the silly ignorance of how the media distorts the truth.

This is not anything new however what is new is that voters are not as ignorant as they were back in the 1950s.

What is interesting here is that the media appear to believe that voters have not gained any intelligence since the 1950s.

The media believes that most voters are just too stupid to understand the truth so they have to flavor it and add special sauce so that voters can understand what the media believes to be the truth.

There are even books dedicated to how dishonest the media actually are.

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Security Concerns

It may be one of the things that has changed in the lives of so many people around the world.

Security, it is difficult to address that concern because there are so many different levels of what defines security.

We know that over all you can only be so secure at least to a certain point where no level of security is enough.

What is acceptable when it comes to developing long term goals of keeping the people of the United States Secure?

That should not be too difficult to understand or to achieve, naturally it is always harder than it looks to the casual bystander, however we know that after 911 there were no foreign threats that were not contained from 2002 until sometime after the 2008 Election Cycle.

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France attacked

France has been attacked in multiple locations news reports that hundreds are wounded and or killed.

reports are varied and the death toll could rise to more than 100…

Nation of Laws?

Is America a nation of laws?

That seems like a seriously flawed premise.


We are not a nation of LAWS…


We are a nation of people.

The key phrase Nation of Laws seems to be the front of what really appears to be a premise that does not hold intellectual water.

IT is a poor argument to  make when looking at the idea of a nation of people or a nation of laws. 

You can pass Billions of laws, you can make everything illegal…

But that will not make any difference in how people view the constitution. 

The constitution does not say anywhere that the republic of the United States is a nation of laws. 

That would be just foolish…

We need to stop looking at enforcing laws and start using common sense. 


Vote for Energy…

Energy has been a problem for many people over the last several years.

The cost to heat your home as well as gas prices has been a huge problem for many people.

The thing here is this…

IT does not have to be that way…


The truth is we have more than enough energy to provide cheap energy for many many years…

Imagine gas prices back around 89 cents a gallon…

What if you could heat your home for 75 percent less than you are paying now…

The truth is simple, we have the technology, We can do this, its time that Washington begin to respect the people…

Remember its We the people…

Sanctuary cities breaking the law


Breaking the Law…

Acting against the legal
definition of ones office.

Should someone that has broken the law be allowed to be in charge of the largest police force in the USA?

Is it possible that someone that advocates for sanctuary cities become the head of the border patrol?

Think about that for a moment.

When you look at the way that things are going in Washington how much longer should we wait before we begin to take action against these bad choices.

ITs time to stop this insanity, its time to stop the foolishness.

When you have broken the law in this way, you cannot be nominated to head an agency that is directly opposed to your chosen way of life, if you support illegal immigration that is your choice it is against the law, but the American people will not allow this nomination to continue, is it not time that this president begin to act in the best interest of the people he was elected to govern?

Some times it becomes necessary to make difficult choices in order to stop those that are opposed to the American Way of life.

It is time that congress makes a difficult choice because of the mistakes made by the electorate, do not dictate to the whole of the people.

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Liberal media in the tank

If your a constant reader you know we have been talking about how corrupt the media is and its not just the lame media either even on fox news you can see plenty of examples of not only unfair but not balanced either.


Is the media the real enemy?

It is hard to imagine that there are so many different things in life that are ignored by the media should they really be allowed to have protection when they lie constantly about almost everything?

In the last debate it became obvious that the audience did not believe that the media were being honest or fair.

That is a serious problem.


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