Can Hillary win?

Now we all know that eventually there will be a female president, IF those that run this nation now manage to keep the spirit of America alive.

However, its a fact that there are a lot of serious problems with having a woman president not that she would be less capable than a man.

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double standard flap

The geese are hollering, the geese being the liberal media Trying to slant the news and present biased views as truth.

It is of course a lie which most people can clearly see.

Perhaps in the 1950s when the average education level was 5th or sixth grade, we have now evolved, were no longer ignorant, we have the internet and that has been a very powerful tool to expose bias in the media.

One Cable News Channel has made Millions and Millions of dollars presenting an opposing view to the once powerful broadcast media segment.

Broadcast media no longer matters because most Americans use the Internet and since broadcast media has reached its maximum market penetration most people do not even watch it, they watch cable because it usually comes with the internet.

Yet they (The media) continue to speak lies into the ears of willing viewers few though they may be. 

Watch this video and tell me what you see, its so obvious to most people, yet they continue to attempt to insert their view point over the truth.

That is wrong and that is also why traditional journalism has indeed also reached its Zenith in this marketplace.

Newspapers are going under, mostly because paper is getting to be a commodity because of the trees that have to be cut down every year, just to keep printing news papers which is sort of a problem when you consider that the liberal media are confessed tree huggers.

Hey, I love trees too, no problem, but I only consume digital media, so the local news papers are failing as a business model.

So, I guess you could continue to kill trees for a newspaper that will not be read Or make the move to the digital world, its digital now and people communicate about complex issues in forums and in other digital marketplaces.

It is time that we begin to report the news, to be reporters again to stop slanting the news.

That would indeed be an amazing world, a world worth voting for…

Marco Rubio

A new American Century…

It is time for America to stand once again, as those before us did when evil threatened to destroy the way of life of the entire world, America Stood up…

The following is an Email received from the Marco Rubio Campaign.


Last night I announced my decision to run for President of the United States.

Today, I’m asking you to stand with me as a Day One Founding Member of my campaign. 

In my speech I outlined a bold vision for our nation – a vision I can only achieve with your immediate help.

Will you join me today as a Founding Member of my campaign?

If we reform our tax code, reduce regulations, control spending, fix our immigration laws, repeal and replace Obamacare — the American people will create millions of better paying modern jobs.

If we create a 21st Century system of higher education that provides working Americans the chance to acquire the skills they need, one that no longer graduates students with mountains of debt and degrees that do not lead to jobs, then our people will be able to seize the opportunities that will come with this new economy.

The time has come for our generation to lead the way toward a New American Century.  Will you join me and become a Day One supporter to my presidential campaign?


misrepresenting the truth…

What is the truth, think about that for a moment, the liberal media continually seek to distort the truth with strange forked tongues.

Earlier today on the so called, (Fair and Balanced Network,) Chris Wallace, in his usual liberal manner, attempted to play God by stuffing whom ever he is currently interviewing with spew and garbage.

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What About Bush?

Over the last few weeks the 2016 presidential race has been heating up…

You know that the Media are getting ready for BUSH…

They hates him….    LOL…


Its really comical right?

A little…

The thing is why
Is the Media Picking a side?

Think about that for a moment…

Why are they so intent on doing what amounts to cheating…

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Rand Paul is he what America Needs…

You could say that Rand Paul is a good man…

You could also say that he is serious about protecting America from those who do not respect the freedoms our nation has fought for over the last 200 Plus years.

Many giving their lives in the process.

For that Rand Paul deserves respect, but he is not getting it from the pacifist media.

No no no.

They are attacking him at every point along the line.

The thing is no man or woman for that matter is perfect.

Thus neither is any president in the past or the present.

Rand may have made a mistake allowing a petulant child, (thats what she was acting like) really just watch the video you can see she delights in disrespect.

How she rapid fires what she calls FACTS, but are they really factual?

No, they are not, yet even the vaunted Bill Orielly, (never can get that name right)

He was dissing on Rand Paul, along with all the other “Bobble” heads out there.

Is Bill a pin head, (sometimes yes he is) Otherwise, he has a serious personality flaw if he cannot admit that (sometimes) he is wrong.

I would love to see Bill, react if some (Nit Wit) tried to do the same thing to him…

Bet it would not be nice at all…

So its ok, if Bill gets mad and pops off, (cause he is not a candidate right?)  Thats what he would say, …

Talk about SPIN…

Either your A human or your perfect and walk on water, so far I have not personally seen anyone do either of those things.

The biggest mistake he made is saying he has a temper problem, that is something that will not be a good leadership trait.

Can Rand Win?

There is a road that one takes when thinking of becoming the president and it is a road that few men have actually managed to find.

This nation is at a juncture, one that for many could mean good or bad.

We have a lack of leadership. . .

We have a lot of serious problems, (no one cares who the media say are to blame), they blame bush, LOL, in fact there is a new fault in California, its Bushes fault.

But seriously…

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Never apologize to those that care not.

Weakness is something that when dealing with the media is a big problem, often the media tend to fixate, (good term,)

They choose a few words or a testy exchange between two people.

Then they run with that and talk all about how bad you are.

But, in real life would you sit there and take it while someone was rude and disrespectful?

No and a lot of other people would not do that either.

But when its a “REPUBLICAN”

OH MY…  Warning this video is from the Young Turkeys…

But its a great example of well just plain stupidity.

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Housing market on the up…

So, if your looking for a home, This is probably the best time you will ever find to actually buy that dream home you have always wanted.

The reason why this is true is a simple one, interest rates are down, but they will go up likely starting just after the 2016 election.

So that gives you a clear incentive to buy if your ever going to own a home now is the time.

So there you have it, homes are waiting, but are the banks going to lend the money?

That is the real question, mortgage lending companies are tight and that is not a good place to be.

What is interesting is the near zero interest rate and these fat cat dudes sit up in their ivory towers and make it really difficult to actually buy a home.

They are all afraid of lending because of the condition of all those toxic properties that are even now still on the market unsold.


The banks are sitting on the money.

Period, they are not lending and that is why even if you wanted to buy a home you would find it very hard to get that done.

So, while its a good time to buy, you may just have to pay cash…