Ferguson riots

In many ways the idea that America is about to change in significant ways is something that should disturb you greatly.

We have a situation where the word of one of the alleged robbers of a convenience store has been put out as truth.

We know that from the autopsy diagram it is more than likely that there were no hands raised.

This is a big problem for the media.

They often get it wrong when they report on situations where they have no direct knowledge or evidence.

There are two different stories about what happened, much like the Trayvon Martin Case, there are two very different accounts of what happened, the only difference here is that we know for a fact that there should be video from the patrol car.

If there is not video there there is going to be a huge problem.

If they have video that clearly shows the account given by the officer, then the media are to blame and should pay for the damages to business owners property.

Why not?

The Media likely reported and inflamed the situation, they had no reason to believe that what they were reporting was fact.

Yet they chose to do it anyway.

They tried to bend and twist the case into a situation where strife would be the result between both blacks and whites.

The problem here is that the only people that want to turn this into a race issue are the media and out side influences, (according to reports most of those arrested last night did not live in ferguson.)

Now that is also a big problem.

N o matter how you stack it, IF the officer was attacked two times as is alleged, then this case is very different they what the media portrayed.

That is also a big problem, it may be time to test the litigation waters with a good solid case of media misrepresentation that resulted in the loss of Millions of dollars in insurance claims yet to be filed.

Think about that for a moment because the biggest issue that presents itself now is the liability of the press when it can be demonstrated that publishing inflaming information could create a riot.

Should the press be held accountable for participating in biased reporting when it fits the narrative they want to push.

Now that is something that should be investigated.

Somebody better investigate soon.

Because the media is creating more problems that it is solving.

Its time for real reporting and not this garbage that has been reported over the last ten years.

One thing that will tell the entire story is the video and audio that should have been recorded by the police equipment installed in the car and you would think that being so close to a large metro area that certainly there should be video and audio available at some point.

The very fact that no one has even thought about this or publicized it is something to also consider very carefully.

In a world where news travels so quickly is it not a wise thing to stop publishing false narratives that tend to create drama?

They always say no drama, but our media is guilty of creating drama and it is the kind of drama that creates great harm for those involved.

The truth is we do not know the truth yet.

The media needs to apologize to those people who have been affected by this media madness.

It may actually be time to put a muzzle on mad dogs that create nothing but problems for everyone else.

Freedom of the Press is ok, but this is not freedom…

What this is does not resemble freedom but anarchy.

The press should take notice that the public are not ignorant and unlearned we have the internet and we are not stupid.

We see and we understand what the media are all about and its time that they begin to understand that freedom of the press is not a blank check.


District Attorney Corruption?

What do you think about a Police Officer that had the Balls to take this drunk to jail.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/JrxsCH_p1oc” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Imagine what life would be like if you were living in a state where the district attorney would be able to manage and produce criminal prosecutions.


Rick Perry Vs Driving While Intoxicated

So, if you have not heard the latest gossip, a small travis county grand jury, has allegedly indicted Rick Perry the Governor of the state of Texas because of some political antics that an office has been engaged in for years, (allegedly)

This is a serious problem mostly because it could lead to much the same indiscretions that have been a black stain on the democratic process for decades.

Democrats could face serious blowback because of this and those involved should be charged with breaking the law and thrown in jail.

The truth here is clear The Governor of the State of Texas has the authority to take the actions he took, its a constitutionally sound argument.

Yet, somehow a special prosecutor, who may have ties to the democratic national Party, (allegedly) should be in jail as this news story unfolds.

Just imagine how bad things could be when you hear people talk about how you could indict a ham sandwich.


Florida medical marijuana ballot initiative

The truth about how Medical Marijuana and what it means to the growing list of states that allow it.

In many ways for years there has been an issue with the use of cannabis and its related products that have been sold for years in many states.

While there are demonstrated  issues that are a by product of legal medical marijuana the fact is that for some people it is something that can help in the treatment of some medical conditions.

It could be that for some people the proper use of medical marijuana might actually help and yes it is true that there are some that will abuse the system.

The thing is there are some people that will use medical marijuana when there is little or no reason to do so.

They are those people that would take this medication and use it as a recreational drug, they are going to do that anyway.

You can reduce the number of people who do this however you cant stop them from actually going out and buying it on the streets.

You can call it a gateway drug, but in essence almost every thing is a gateway drug and the most important thing to consider is that the number one gateway drug has not been effectively regulated.

The identity of that  gateway drug might surprise you.

Cigarettes are the single biggest gateway drug period.

Or could it be something else?

Like Alcohol…

Yes, 20 years of anti cigarette commercials, on TV on the radio, on various forms of media, have not deterred the overall use of this drug.

Using cigarettes can lead to alcohol use and other drugs. 

It is a fact that it is a short hop skip and a jump from cigarettes to alcoholic beverages.

The truth about almost everything in life is that making a smart choice can be difficult and more than anything else, it is most important to realize that you cannot stop people from making poor choices, you can make it illegal, you can throw people in jail, you can ostracize them from society, but nothing you try to do will stop that small percentage of the population that are going to do what they want to do regardless of the consequences.





Police State in Missouri

Have the Police gone too far?

When does it become unlawful to protest?

When do the police have rights to
suppress the people?


When you look at the actions of police in Missouri there are some serious issues that are beginning to affect the lives of millions of Americans.

Do the police have the right to oppress the people of the
United States?

What is going on when the police act in a way that incides action in a deadly situation where unarmed men are shot down.

Journalists at a Mcdonalds are arrested, this is not lawful it is time for the governor of the state of Missouri to take action the police are not taking lawful actions, they are out of control and must be stopped.

Tear Gas, Stun Grenades, High powered weapons, shock police, could thousands die because of the actions of one police officer?

Will the media report on this?

These are serious questions that must be answered.

The passing of a legend

Sometimes life hands us news that is often the most depressing that you can imagine, this Monday evening was no different but it was a big surprise for many.

RIP Robin Williams, who was loved by so many.

In so many ways this legend of comedy touched the lives of people all over the world,  his unique energy and talent brought something special into the lives of those that needed a laugh to keep from crying.

He spent so much of his life helping others to feel better.

We will miss him…

Business politics

You may have notied some of the recent political business fiascos involving companies that were involved in litigation to defend their unique right to provide servies to their employees.

The SCOTUS decision was a real long term presedent for constituional freedom for business owners.


Election 2015 What happens Next