Media spin on GOP speaker

So here the media go again…

Yep you guessed it the media are spinning the news yet again…

You might think that they would understand that most people see through the smoke screen that they constantly attempt to erect when describing the news cycle.

Yesterday on Fox news, the tag line was GOP in Chaos…

Speaker of the house

Who will be the new speaker of the house?

No one knows or if they do they are not telling.

One thing for sure Good Ol, Shep, took the opportunity to rain down on the republicans in a very partisan way.

You just have to wonder what those talking heads are thinking…


You might think that opinion is something out of the ordinary but with some talking heads its just



Ben Carson

IT seems that the more the biased, (allegedly) news media attempt to improperly enter the race advocating a candidate they prefer over the choice of all americans, the more popular the anti candidate becomes.

Take Ben Carson for a great example.

Dr. Ben Carson is constantly under attack by the lame duck media.

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Removing the landmarks

Landmarks were setup to mark the way for others to follow…

It should not be difficult to understand what happens when you take something away that is just and good from influencing our children and the future they have…

Every time yet another tragic circumstance occurs in a school, Everyone says the same thing why is this happening.

It goes back to a time when there were no horrible attacks on school grounds.

Back to a time when students never considered bullying to be a big issue…

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Gun Control Failure

As much as we would like to believe that we can control everything around us and everyone in our lives the truth is plain and simple, Emotional laws do not stop gun violence.

Take Chicago for a great example of how Gun Control does not work.

We have thousands of Gun Control Laws right now.

Thousands. . .

Laws do not stop the law breakers from doing bad things…

Just as foolish wish full thinking does not defeat ones enemies in war.

The sad truth is that from the beginning of recorded history people have done very bad things.

Keep in mind this was long before guns were invented.

Just watch a video about turmoil in the middle east where they have almost no guns in the civilian population.

What they do is to pickup a rock…

Perhaps its hard to understand the truth about things like the weather where no matter what you do water will flood your home.

No amount of laws will change human nature and trying to control something like the weather with a law would be just as equally foolish.

We know human nature is what it is, we have a choice every day when we wake up..

Just as the man that chose to take the lives of nine people could have chosen to not go to that school and murder people, the thing is most of us do the right thing.

We get up in the morning and we go about our lives most of the time hoping that our neighbors are also doing the same thing.

Stones are like guns in many ways…

There are so many of them that you cannot get them all…

They are everywhere…


If there were no rocks people would pickup sticks and sharpen them…

This is so simple to understand, you cannot take away the nature of a person.

They have a choice and most of the time its not the bad that people choose its the good that they choose to do.


You may feel differently…

That is your choice…

You cannot take away the human right to choose, even if that choice is a terribly bad thing, all you can do is pay attention to what is going on and when another human being begins to post things on Facebook or by their behavior they begin to seek help by acting up or trying to get your attention, then its time to take action and help or get someone that can help.

You can pass a million laws but no president can stop what happens when bad people or mentally ill people choose to do harm, all we can do is to protect our children by providing trained security that are armed.

You might think that had there been a security guard with a gun that perhaps this may have been avoided.

You would be mostly correct and the truth is we don’t know for sure but one thing we do know is that this most recent tragedy might have been avoided had the one security guard been armed.

But this was a gun free zone, which left young people exposed to violence by a criminal or someone that was mentally or perhaps in this case someone that was a muslim.

We again do not know, but one thing seem clear the media are not our friends.

Sure they provide drama and they tear up and they talk about how terrible these horrible situations are.

But what they do not do is to report the truth.

They lie because they cannot help it, its possible that the media are as sick as those that choose to do harm to innocents.

Then we have politician that comes out and talks about gun control when his home town has the tightest gun laws in the nation and there are hundreds more murders and rapes every year?


Yet he has the temerity  to come out and tell a falsehood to all the american people and try to tell us its just rain…

Its not and we know the difference the only person that he fooled yesterday was himself.

So, all in all we feel for those families that were affected but the media will likely find it quite difficult to get people from this community to adhere to the media false flag narrative.

The media are liars and we all know it, What is not funny is all those large corporations out there that support the media liars.

Those are the real threat to our liberty.

Big corporations that spend millions advertising on Broadcast Television…

They support the media lie.

But it does not have to be this way.

Its a simple thing really, just refuse to buy anything that these companies advertise on a TV station or Cable Station.

Stop doing that and the media will be silent and perhaps they might even start reporting the news again…

That may be too much to hope for but its also something that we deserve from the media.

Lets stop supporting liars because no one likes a liar but every night millions invite the liar into their homes so they can corrupt our youth with some of the most vile and evil programming you can imagine.

That is something that I have never understood.


Was shooter Muslim?

In a horrible news story that is still allegedly being “Blacked Out” by news media it is becoming more likely that the shooter was allegedly a Muslim.

Even now the media cannot seem to admit what appears to be bias and foolish narration.

So what is going on in the press when they can quickly publish photos of other shooters along with images of obvious references to the Rebel Flag?

They can saturate the news with false information about other shootings then never apologize for lying to the American People.

But suddenly that all changed when it appears that the shooter may have allegedly been a muslim?

 Take this video as an example of just how ignorant the media is…

What is even worse here is the very real fact that many people who are seeing this video for the first time were previously unaware of this news story simply because the press did not really cover it.

oregon shooting media coverup?

What is going on in Oregon?

Is there a Media Black out going on?

It is hard to imagine that we have had yet another issue where people have died because of someone that was mentally ill.

But what is really going on here?

There are reports that oddly one of the heroes who stopped the attack on a train in Paris was from this town…


Who knows, but one thing seems clear under all circumstances the media does not fail to show a picture of the suspect when they are white.


This is a real problem for the media…

Even now Kelly is dramatizing this on Fox News, is this really news or a sick reality Show…

Gun Control comes out on top of Speech issued by President today, what is happening when people jump at anything to try to further a political agenda.

ITs a serious issue that must be addressed.


Ben Carson biased media tangle

So, you want to see just how bad the media are well just watch this video to see just how messed up yellow journalism can be.

Amazing lies and no defense at all. 

thugs try to kill cop?

You just never know what you might face on the streets these days.

The thing is most people do not realize or even remotely understand just how dangerous it is in many places right here in the US.


Three Thugs Dragged Cop Into Woods To Kill Him –
Then An Unlikely Hero Emerged Out Of Nowhere

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