Trump 2016 the only choice for America?

We heard a great speech last night and what you will not hear from the media about this speech is that it was common sense.

We know that Washington is a huge mess.

Washington has been broken for so long that no one really knows how to fix the biggest problems.

Can Trump make America Great Again?

The answer is Yes.

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Hillary Clinton’s New Ad is Sickening…

Negative impossible Ad…

I watched an advertisement which was sickening in the way it was used and also what it really says about what Hillary Clinton thinks about you and your mentality.

They show terrible things chosen to create an idea that her competition Donald Trump is silly.

There is a real problem because you could do this with anyone including Hillary and imagine what Hillary would look like using the same derogatory method used in the Clinton Video.

The message shows children staring at the TV watching this series of illogical clips of Donald Trump.

It is illogical because children are just not going to be watching Donald Trump in the way they suggest.

Never going to happen because kids don’t watch political debates or do they?

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Are All Politicians just plain Liars?

This is just amazing folks.

Let your conscious be your guide here when you vote for any of these that have failed to keep their promises.


BAIER: Senator Cruz, yes or no, you will support Donald Trump is he’s the nominee?

CRUZ: Yes, because I gave my word that I would. And what I have endeavored to do every day in the Senate is do what I said I would do. You know, just on Tuesday, we saw an overwhelming victory in the state of Texas where I won Texas by 17 percent.

And I will say it was a powerful affirmation that the people who know me best, the people who I campaigned, who made promises that if you elect me, I’ll lead the fight against Obamacare, I’ll lead the fight against amnesty, I’ll lead the fight against our debt, and I will fight for the Bill of Rights and your rights every day, that the people of Texas said you have kept your word, and that’s what I’ll do as president.

So now we see that perhaps Trump was right all along yet again.

All of these politicians that refused to keep their word should never be elected to office again and if they are still in office they need to be voted out of office.

Police targeted yet again

Yet again we have sad news concerning police that have been targeted
by cowards.

Early reports may indicate out of state involvement by some elements of protests or instigators, (unconfirmed) If protesters are involved in these situations or by protesting they help present the opportunity for this to keep on occurring then it has to stop.

We know that there are some violent organizations that may have members that are actively engaging in these situations, one thing is clear it must stop.

Some have said that this was an ambush. 

This is horrible situation where everyone must step up and put an end to these situations.

There is one common thing about most of these shootings, protests are near by and it is something that needs to stop…

We must not allow these protesters to continue to participate in the killings of our police officers.

Turkey Military coup breaking

Breaking news and this is a significant and very serious development.

Reports are that a Military coup has taken place.

Both sides report different facts on the ground.

One side says it is an attempted coup, the other side has stated that they are in control of large sections of military areas as well as airports and other strategic areas.

More news here.

This is something that is developing right now and it is something that is deeply concerning to America

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fox news biased against trump

The truth has its consequences.

Looking at how biased fox news bobble heads are talking its interesting to see how these bandicoots operate.

Is it really fair to blame the poor bobble heads?

They are just reading off the screen right?

What the producers or the “Players” at fox news tell them to do right?

They don’t really have an opinion of their own and if they did they would not be allowed to express it.  Continue reading…

Constantly Criticizing Fox News?

I know you are probably just as amazed as we are in watching Fox News and their constant use of derogatory language.

You sort of expect it with other networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, MSCBC, (the list could go on and on and on)

But with a network that would like to have people thinking that they present both sides of the news?

What is really insulting about Fox News is the use of derogatory terms when speaking about the Trump Candidacy and the lack of the same psychological attacks when speaking about Clinton.

More to come on this. 

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Bush Trump blamed for paris attacks?

In a revealing segment on Fox News one “News Contributor” accidentally Revealed a FAR FAR FAR LEFT, talking point this morning on Fox News and you will not believe what they are saying about who “THEY” think is at fault for the most recent Paris attacks.

more details?

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Hillary skates but we all know it right?

Everyone knew this was going to happen because why?

It was obvious to the AG, right?

It was obvious to Billy.

We all knew it, yet the director of the F B I

Did not know it?


That is something that may be an issue in the eye and minds of the public for many years to come.


Hillary Clinton may not be facing criminal charges in the FBI investigation into her handling of emails when she was secretary of state – but the fallout from the scandal is far from over.

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Fox news allows false narrative on orlando shootings

Early in the news cycle today Fox news allowed a fox news contributor to compare the horrible shootings in Orlando FL, to be compared to and eluding to white supremacists incidents recently, it appeared that the intent was to create the illusion that the shooter in the Orlando night club was a white man.

This was before any information was available about who the shooter was. 

This is the worst kind of reporting spouting garbage without any kind of evidence at all. 

Why do the media seem so interested in identifying someone as white when they are not white at all. 

Why do we allow the media to get away with reporting the news in a political way without any vetting at all.

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