Jeb Bush the next president?

Could Jeb Bush be the next president?

The thought of another Bush being president is likely to cause the liberals of the far left to go insane, foam at the mouth, have fits and convulsions.

Think about it, Common Core is nonsense.

Yet Jeb would advocate it?

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this is what Jeb Bush wants for America?
He is definitely not going to get past the primary.

You have to wonder what his advisors are thinking…

Over all its ignorant, but then again perhaps he really does not want to be president at all…

Now that really messes up your head right?

The idea of common core may have been a good concept but its implementation is a political nightmare which is going to haunt any politician that dares to make it work.

It is a failure as a concept because it was created not to teach but to indoctrinate.

the interview just desserts for hollywood?

The Hollywood culture is one that has long been one that just does not fit in with the rest of society.

Which is an interesting statement if you think about how Hollywood often seems intent on making statements on how “They” feel that society should be.

In all honesty the movie “the interview” is not really all that appealing, its not the kind of movie that most people would have gone to see anyway.

The thing here that is interesting is that Holly wood, did not seem to understand that making a movie about murdering a real person that is yet alive, is not a good thing to do in the first place.

You can see how the Hollywood culture is bent and not in line with the “real world” its obvious to the rest of the world.

Just as watching a drunk at a party while your sober, it can be fun for a while but after a while its downright depressing.

Holly wood is drunk on the success it has enjoyed over the years but the biggest problem they do not seem to understand right now is the fact that their point of view is less appealing to the world.

They do not seem to get that at all.

Which is why movies like this one end up in production when they should have gone back and thought about it some more before moving forward.

But thats HollyWood, )

Cuban Cigars at what cost?

So, soon it might be legal to import Cuban Cigars, that might be something to celebrate but at what cost?

One of the biggest detractors against having normal relations with Cuba is the serious problems with how they allegedly treat their peoples.

Our peoples we know how they treat.

So again at what cost do we forgive?

There must be freedom for peoples of Cuba and perhaps that is something that could take place, we do not know for sure but it is less likely that this is something that will happen.

Serious problems for Feinstein?

Could Feinstein face a serious issue in getting re-elected?

Should congress investigate possible violations and censorship of this Senator?

Was it proper that so many issues have begun to come to the surface.

Snowden released information that should not have been released.

Feinstein may have done much the same thing only its really worse for her or is that accurate at all?

You see there could be some really huge problems with what Feinstein and the other democrats that created a problem where none previously existed.

At this point what difference does it make?

Australia attack related to Feinstein

Was the Australian attack possibly related to the alleged tampered with report on interrogation?

The truth may be difficult to see or understand and it is possible that the democrat led report which some say is not accurate and depicts lies as fact.

Meaning it was not useful to the public discourse.

Meaning that it could be considered a criminal act.

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