Turn about is Fair…

The old saying “Turn About is Fair Play” should not surprise you but from time to time you just have to “Bite the Old Bullet”

Recently the President made a speech and he had a really good point.

There are thousands of Title Loan Companies all over the US.

These companies prey on those in our society that are often at the very bottom of their financial lives.

Those people who do not have resources nor do they have credit cards, so they end up taking out a pay day or a title loan.

These people often end up paying many times more than other people pay for a loan from a bank.

The reason they pay such high interest is that they do not have good credit.

For an example lets say that Billy has to pay for a new set of tires on his wife car, well billy does not have the money and he can’t get credit, so he goes to a title loan company and horrors $500.00 he then has to pay back $596.00 plus perhaps some kind of insurance that the (sorry company has added into the equation)

But it takes Billy six months to pay back the entire amount of the loan, in the end billy ends up paying $1,172.13 cents which is typical in these horrible situations.

The president made a point of mentioning this during a speech the other day and you know what he was right, these companies are horrible.

All the while, the Governor of the state in which this speech was made, (Alabama I think) has been in office one full term and just won election for a second term.

This man claims to be a Christian.

But yet he has done nothing to stop this abuse of the poor people in this state.

Nothing at all.


bowe bergdahl article 85

There is justice at least there will be justice performed in the case of Bowe, Bergdahl who until now was under suspicion of having deserted his post.

To most soldiers there is one thing that is worse than desertion and that is being a traitor to your oath to protect and defend the United States of America.

It is a shame and a stain on a mans word and family.

When you swear to protect and defend and you fail to do that then there is justice that comes and that justice is most always swift and true.

In this case we have seen political foolishness take place.

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Jon Stewart, lied then cried?

Well, from time to time we watch Jon Stewart, (not sure if that is spelled right or not, don’t really care either, but the thing here is this Jon usually is funny, you know the Ha Ha kind of funny.

This time was different, Jon was doing a bit, about fox news, which hey its worth money right, but what bothered us was the very real fact that Fox news had the news story exactly correct and Jon was “pretending” or “acting” as if Fox news was lying, which sort of means that Jon was actually the liar. Continue reading Jon Stewart, lied then cried?

Is Hillary above the law?

You might think about the movie above the law, you know the one with Stephen Segal, Of course the movie trailer has nothing to do with the content we just thought it would be interesting to watch.

You see the problem with political corruption is a simple one, our society has allowed our political leaders to get away with crime all because of a double standard.   Should we allow allegedly corrupt political officials to get away with committing criminal acts?

We know that if it were any one of us out there that did something like this we would have to pay a price for doing what has been done here and its not about being a democrat at least not really the democrats might want to make it an issue like that but the truth here is clear, Hillary is not fit for the office of president.

Thats the real thing that we should all be thinking about because its really simple, if someone cannot be trusted to do the right thing and if someone cannot tell the truth about why four men died in benghazi, how can we trust that person to stand up to the world when it really counts.

That is the only real question here, because I think we all know what happens when weak leaders fail to lead.

Amazing Media Liars

You watch the news, (if you can stand it) and you look at all the nonsense that you know is just not honest or even accurate.

Its Amazing really because the Media seem to believe that were all so ignorant that were going to believe what ever comes out of their mouths.

The truth is something much different.

They say one thing but their actions bely what they say.

Ignore what they say and watch what they do.

Want to see the truth…   Here it is.

Email Gate Clinton Scandal?

Is Email Gate, a Scandal?

Well, Yes, it is, not just because she broke the laws of the United States of America, but also because she destroyed Government property.

She admits that she destroyed some

30,000 Emails.

This is a huge problem, forget for a moment that it was illegal and unethical.

WE can forgive that right, sure, you know that democrats would do that for a republican right?

Right?  Ok, well probably not then…

What would they be doing if it were a Republican that was looking to run for the highest office in the land?

The media right now would say that he or she was not qualified to be president, they would be saying that it was a felony and anyone with a felony would not be qualified to be president, You know it and they know its the truth.

But lets forget the double standard that most of the spurious media pursues on a daily basis, Lets forget that.

The real question here is can we trust a person that would do something like this and also what about the four Men who died while this same person was in office?

What about that?



How men died waiting on a rescue that would never come…

Men died under the watch of this woman…

Is that the kind of president you want?

We think about many things when we elect a president, most people want things to change in Washington that is why America Elected President Obama, they wanted to see change.

They were disappointed, because they were expecting great things but what they got was more of the same thing, we know what to expect from this candidate and the implications are something that we cannot afford to take a chance on.

Oh hillary…

Well, now most of us know what the defense will be on the latest “Hillary Gate” scandal which is related to withholding records (allegedly) in the form of email.

The media are all out and about, looking for a reason to give her a pass, was it done on purpose?

Why was it done at all, no one else has done this in this way…

(sure the media will tell you that others did it, but they were not a cabinet official of the United States of America were they?)

No they were not, but the media will not care they just want this latest scandal that allegedly proves that Hillary is not really capable of leading…  (allegedly)

 to just go away…

LOL, yes I know its all just too good to be true, )