Gas prices on the rise again…

Well the Media have been hounding us over and over again with worthless and often False Flag Stories about the lower price of Gas many Americans welcomed over the last 30 days.

But that appears to be about over, why you ask?

Well its simple, when the Gas prices went down, there was talk about raising the tax on Gas, then they started featuring news stories about how the economy was in bad trouble, Then the Media started talking about how those poor oil workers would going to get laid off or loose their jobs…

Wow, really, thats the best you got biased media mogul guy?

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Did the Democrats just give up 2016?

The First Veto of the only President to create so many problems for the middle class, took place in the month of February in the year 2015.

The Media proclaim that the President just Vetoed the Keystone pipeline.

This is the first Veto…

Of this presidents Presidency.

But that is not what the story is here…

The real story here is that the media have intentionally, “acted stupidly”

“Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive”

Think about it, The president just Vetoed the “ONLY, Shovel Ready Project”

That is correct the ONLY shovel ready project of this Presidency was just Vetoed.

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Oscars, but who cares?

When was the last time you watched the OSCARS?

For many of use its been 20 years or more…

The truth about what the Oscars has become over the years
is something of a joke.

Hollywood, its a place of delusion and illusion, when you look at the kinds of films that they have produced over the last 12 years you have to think about the foolishness of the human condition when people create movies that do not represent the world.

The truth about this terrible mess is that viewers and movie watchers are not impressed, Hollywood has been in a big slump for many years, one that to watch for is will Holly wood once again vote down a movie because of politics?

That is the deal that so many people do not get with regard to how anti american the Oscars allegedly is.

Hamlin clearly at fault?

Well in the recent NASCAR news yet another wreck troubles the field, this time there was a good bit of “drama” which after looking at the video you can plainly see that Hamlin did hit her and He should not have been that close to her.

hamlin in the wrong

So if you examine this image you can see that all the “other” drivers in the field were driving nice, )  IT is interesting to look at the space that everyone else has been given but the media right away went after Danica Patrick.   Whats up with that…

Now I can see both sides of this however looking at how the other drivers

handled the same space in the field, you can see that there are some parts of the
track where space is given to avoid what happened in the video above, there are
some points in the track where you can make a move and others where you should not make a move.

Perhaps he was frustrated and wanted to get ahead but its not a good racing strategy, you take your time and make your move when the time is right.

In this case it seems clear the timing was way off here and while Danica perhaps could have performed a little better on the track, professional drivers give space when its warranted, perhaps its a learning moment for many.

Maroon 5 crashes weddings…

Imagine what might happen if Maroon 5 showed up at your wedding.
This has to be one of the best “Feel Good” Videos, I have seen in a long time.

You see this video and you just have to join in on the celebration, what a great way to show how much fans really mean to this band.

You can tell by the way they look that they are really enjoying the occasions, fantastic song and a great band.

Fed Judge stops illegal immigration.

Well the latest news story you will not see on many of the blow by networks, like CNN, ABC, (is covering this story) NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and others is a news story that stops illegal immigration executive orders.

Update more media companies are now covering this news story, imagine that, they are allegedly shamed into covering the news. 

Here is the next news story that will be covered by all the networks.

Supreme Court to take up executive orders and illegal immigration?

It remains to be seen if this will happen or not, but the truth is likely to be something that is news worthy, the thing that is really interesting here is how the networks are blacking out news coverage.

That is a huge problem and one that is also news worthy.

Some news agencies are now covering this news story, what is interesting is that they often choose to not cover a story until it becomes so shameful that they have to cover it.

The one thing that really should be investigated are the advertisers that continue to advertise on these lame media companies, they are not real news companies not when they do not report the news if it is embarrassing to their ideology.

The problem is that the press should not be ruled by ideology.

Why is that even happening, imagine if water gate never happened because it was a democrat?

That is the truth, if watergate had happened and it was a democrat we would have never even heard about watergate.

That is something that should concern everyone including advertisers and consumers that buy goods advertised on some of those networks that refuse to report the news.

Huckabee, cannot win…

Now this is nothing against the man, because he is a good guy with experience doing a great job governing, however he will never be president.

Now he has every right to run for president.

But is it the “Right” thing to do for the Republican party.

Earlier we saw Mit Romney bow out of the race and for good reason, he may have been able to win, but he saw where it would be better to allow other candidates to move into a better strategic position to actually win.

Right now, there are a lot of good people that like and support Huckabee and it is generating a split in the voting block, this could be a problem for the 2016 election.

The question becomes, with basically one or two candidates on the democrat side, we could be looking at a serious problem with the voting public, in order to win in 2016 a unified base is perhaps the most important aspect of this latest election cycle.

Failure to understand that and failure to act on that information could spell a problem that might had the white house right back to the democrats.

As said previously Huckabee is a great man and would do a good job as president, the biggest problem is that he can not win.

Even if he does win the primary he cannot win the election, period.

Were not saying that he should not try,  but it does make sense that eventually it would be better for the party if he makes the right decision long before the primary begins.

If Huckabee were to do as Mit Romney did, then we would see Bush and Walker emerge as the leaders, which is something that a lot More people see as a viable and perhaps even unbeatable method of firmly planting this nation back on the road to recovery.

There is one thing that is really important here and that is we know the truth about who creates jobs and revives the economy and we know now for a surety, that its not the democrats.

Its time to get smart, to run a race we know we can win instead of playing hard ball and messing everything up for the main election.

If we do not consolidate our candidacy and make the best use of our resources it will spell the end of America as we now know it.

We know what the democrats will do if they get in charge again, we know how much damage it will do and you should also understand that should the democrats win the election in 2016 it might well be the last election we ever see.