Trump wins debate


Trump has won the debate yet you see how the media attempted to distort the truth.

The media do not like the truth because it means that they are loosing. 

When you look at this political election it is a problem and that problem is that the media are acting as subversive agents.

They tell lies, they distort every truth to disguise what is really happening and that is something that the press should not be engaged in doing.  Continue reading…

Trump has won the Election

Donald Trump last night did more than just win the debate…

He won the Election…

He Won the Media and Hillary LOST..

Want to know why that is the truth you will not read in the biased news?

Want to know why the moderator and Hillary clinton were working together?

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Corrupt Media Lie about first debate

Can you image a world where the media were honest enough to tell the truth?

Sounds difficult to understand right?

The truth about what the media are doing with these so called debates is the sad legacy that reminds us of what the truth really is.

We look at what happened last night and we have to wonder just what they are thinking?

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Hillary looses first debate

That is a news headline that you will not see in much of the so called news.

Most people are so tired of all the bias that they have just stopped watching a lot of the debates.

“Trump was routed by Hillary Clinton in the first presidential debate”

(Lies and Falsehoods coming from the Media) 

It is a sad thing to see how corrupt the media have actually become.

“Cronkite would have cried”

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Media ignoring the truth

Once again the media and public officials are ignoring the truth about recent attacks on American Soil.

Why do they do this?

The truth is hard to completely understand, some think that they want to avoid the appearance of evil on our own nation.

Others think they want to keep people from panicking or perhaps its just that some public officials are just so untrustworthy that they cannot tell the truth no matter what happens.
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fox news touts fake polls?

Well now this is not something new but you might be wondering what Fox news is doing when they show a poll where just a few hundred people are contacted and then they want to tell you that the poll is accurate for every person in the USA…

Does that make sense?

No, it does not make sense but what it does do is color the news in a way that is childish in its method of psychological intervention.

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Pandering Political Pundits

Pandering is not really a nice word but that does not seem to stop all of these so called Washington Insiders from constantly trying to defeat Donald Trump…

That is really interesting because so far it has not worked well for them.

(Many of them are now Former Politicians)

When you hear the media crying about how Donald Trump has done this or Donald Trump has done that it makes me want to cheer.

Want to know more…

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brainwashing media

According to the media Donald Trump is finished he has finally done the one thing that no one will ever want to vote for him…

Oh, yes after saying the exact same thing over and over again for more than a year the media are ready to get started…

They are ready to say now that they finally have what they want.

They think that you the voter are just too stupid to do anything about it.

Finally Donald Trump

has done it.

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Dishonest Media Polls

The truth about the Media and the Polls they keep trying to brain wash you into believing are true. 

  Every few days you keep seeing a media company that tells you that a poll shows a certain result.

In the fine print they never show you is a lot of information that would really bring into doubt the validity of those polls.

Just this morning on Fox News, they stated that a new poll shows Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump by 9 or 10 points.

How many people did they contact?

We don’t know they did not say how many people they had to call to get 800 replies that matched what they wanted to show you. 

Here is the deal, no way that you can say with any degree of certainty that by calling thousands of people and only taking the 800 you want to talk to is any kind of valid result.

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Sore Looser Republicans?

We have seen some of the most amazing things in this election cycle, corruption, lying, cheating, scratching clawing, cat fighting and more to come and that just covers the media much less the anti patriotic events of the last few days.

Republicans or those that say they are republicans, are betraying the American Voter and you know what makes it even worse?

They don’t care.

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