@MeganKelly did she just attack religion?

These days you just have to wonder about what goes on in the minds of the talking heads including Megan Kelly who today allegedly might have lost a lot of viewers when she came across in such a way that the viewer had no choice but to notice that she was really Anti-Religious.

Just before this segment she attacked Donald Trump once again.

This was happening in the midst of a “So called War of Words” which has been going on and there has been serious issues on both sides of this news story.

To be fair, Megan Kelly did do an unprofessional thing.

The question she asked has no place in a debate.

It was just as bad as what they did to Newt Gingrich.

Just as bad and because she is an attractive woman we should cut her some slack?

I don’t think so and no more than ever I am convinced that Ms. Kelly is far from the center that she has led viewers to believe she is.

But hey thats life right?  If she wants to attack religion on the air she can do that but just watch the ratings as they begin to drop because that is exactly what is going to happen very soon if she does not apologize.

She has a reason to be angry with Trump, but neither is she innocent either.

trump? Will he make it?

Donald Trump may be the front runner currently in some polls and this is more than likely a result of the media working to discredit him at every possible moment including late night entertainment shows which basically are just another distorted view of how the media really thinks.

On Conan oBrian apparently he and or the producers of that program think that making fun of Trump will keep him out of the race.

What appears to be happening is just the opposite.

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Look its a red herring

Hey, guess what the media are out there all over again talking about stuff that well is just plain less than smart and close to ignorance, but its the media right, thats what they do.

Well, you might wonder at all the nasty talk that the media engage in on a daily basis.

It truly is disgusting, in many ways, so much so that broadcast television has lost much of its viewership over the years.

This is why CNN is not well respected, along with all the garbage that they produce, sometimes you just have to wonder are they sick?

Do they have a mental defect?


Stock market Crash?

Will the stock market crash again?

When you see the media telling you to just stay put…

When you see the talking heads saying things like. 

“Your in this for the long haul, this is just a temporary thing…”

What ever you do don’t panic and sell it off…

WE know that when the media tells a lie its often not for your benefit.

We know that the Media has not proved itself trust worthy over the last 30 years.

Why would you ever think about trusting them now?

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Jared and Subway…

The most horrible news surfaced earlier this month and perhaps just before as well.

The Subway Promotional featuring a man who had lost a lot of weight eating subway and exercising.

You just have to wonder what in the world was going on inside that crazy head, but then again there are many hundreds of situations just like this one probably happening right in your own neighborhood.

Just yesterday there was a radio news story about a man who was keeping a woman chained to a bed and the rest of the story is just too awful to talk about. Continue reading…

The reality factor

You might consider a few things about what it is like to run for president.

There are a few things that “constitutionally” you have to quality for when running for president.

(Most) people would have no problem “Constitutionally” qualifying for running for president.

However, things have changed since our forefathers drafted the great pages of the constitution.

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Wild Wild West

You may remember tales of the old west where lawlessness was the order of the day.

Horrible things happened all because no one cared or they just never found out about what had happened.

Were in a serious situation now and there are companies out there that are stealing from the elderly, stealing from the blind and the lame, but they don’t care why is that?

Mostly its a lack of law enforcement.

These companies know that there is no law enforcement right now.

So, its open season on ripping off the American public.

Congress has no idea what is going on.