Democrats in Denial

There is a process for Grief.

The Democrats are in a state of Denial.

  • DENIAL  Denial is the first of the five stages of grief. It helps us to survive the loss. …
  • ANGER  Anger is a necessary stage of the healing process. …
  • BARGAINING   Before a loss, it seems like you will do anything if only your loved one would be spared.

Sadly there is a really big problem for the Democrats they are not only in denial but they are denying what caused them to loose the election and loose it so very badly.

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The Broken Media

The Media and the Press as well is Broken.

Simply put they are now unable to effectively report the news.

Many of them are just making up the news.
That is something that is hard to imagine considering that what they attempted to do in this 2016 election failed.

We know that doing the same thing over and over again is INSANITY.

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Does Harry Reid Stink?

Now the headline there might appear a bit out of the ordinary however it is no different than the surmise that mr Reid himself raised not long ago and in fact he has a history of doing just that sort of thing.

Bringing up unsubstantiated (Humoresque) allegations that may actually be on the edge of legality.

So is it any less improper to suggest and or to ask as it were, a question that perhaps we and may be a lot of the rest of humanity might wonder about.

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News Media “Promises” to be fair?

Well the news media has promised to be fair and square. 

They want to bury the hatchet, (probably not the way the phrase indicates)

They want to heal, they want to put all this misunderstanding behind them.

They want to appear that they are fair minded.

They want you to forget how stupid they have behaved.

They have acted stupidly.

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Learning a lesson?

You might think that the Media would learn a lesson here however that does not appear to be something that the liberals in the media understand much about.

As Smart as they “Think” they are it is really surprising to the average ordinary person when you realize that the Media learned nothing from the humiliation of this 2016 election.

They learned nothing but we learned a lot.

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News Media wastes no time

The Biased News Media is engaged in spin and propaganda once again.

It is interesting to watch as we see how the Media continue to try to influence the publics view of what should happen next.

They are talking about Grid Lock…

They are talking about how Donald Trump MUST work with the establishment…

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Trump Elect

This is a moment that if the Media had their way we would never have seen.

In fact they had to be dragged “Kicking and Screaming” to the (Decision Desk) to do the right thing.

Fox News was screaming loudly…

Like a prating child.

It was a late night and the Media typically was not willing to do the right thing because they really thought that Hillary was going to win out.

They were so sure that Hillary was going to win that they were willing to delay the results of the election causing Millions of Old people to have to stay up past their bed times.

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