Media delays calling election

The Media are holding out for a victory for their chosen candidate.

That is wrong in so many ways…

It is not the mandate of the press to take sides in an election yet that is what happened in this 2016 election.

The people have spoken…

It is time that the media stop picking sides.

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Trump Wins

Trump Wins the 2016 Election of the United States of America in the face of attacks by the media even by Megyn Kelly who is now changing her tune.

They are now admitting that the Polls were just wrong.

Now you can see the truth from the media.

Now you can see what is happening and that is something that is really amazing.

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Time for Juan Williams to eat his hat

Here we go Juan Williams is having a hard time with the serving of crow that is definitely coming his way.

He is currently speaking about how he cannot understand what is happening.

What is happening here is that for many democrats the reality of being disconnected from the real world is about to become more clear.

What is really interesting here is that Micheal Moore may be right.

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Time to Eat Crow?

Is it time for the Media and the Press to get their crow out and eat it?

We look at this amazing horror story of how the media are distorting the truth.


What are we going to do?

Remember the Basket of Deplorable’s.

Will Donald J Trump become the next President of the United States.

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Eating your hat

Will the media have to eat its hat?

We are still looking at what is going on and that is something that many people feel the media is actively misleading the public over the state of the 2016 election.

The truth is beginning to come out and the media may have to eat its hat.

What is really funny here is how the press is attempting to come up with all of these odd predictions.

If Trump does this and Trump does that then this may happen?

It is funny to watch because earlier they were talking about how Trump could not win Florida…

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Will the press prevail

The press are continuing to Bash Trump and they are not letting up at all.

They keep on and on and on with all of these “Fake” news stories, including these talking points which have been proven to be false yet they continue to attempt to spin the news.

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the dragging feet

It appears that the media are continuing to spin the news and dragging their feet on making predictions.

They keep thinking that Trump will not win as many states as he is now winning but they keep trying to spin spin spin.


We know that the truth is not being told.

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Polls Closing Soon

The first Polls are close to closing now.

The Media will begin to make excuses about how states are too close to call.

That is a serious problem.

Why are the media doing this?

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Massive Voter Turn Out

Record Breaking Voter Turn out prompt’s many to question what will happen next?

As we watch the Media Circus of INFO-Tainment Prognostication Galore, We question just how much our nation depends on the People for what we really are and that is a republic.

We are a republic and that is the real truth.

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