The truth behind the lies

Watch as this Great man brings the truth out into the open.

This is the guy that should be in charge of our security.

We need a real man in charge of our enforcement.

This is what America is all about and this is why the People are going to take America back from the corrupt media and Washington.

WE are the People and this is the truth….

Can you see the bias?

I like the idea that you can see the common sense of what is real…

I love this guy he is always serious and I like it…

This man speaks the truth and that is something that is so evident.

WE know the truth and We the People are going to show just how corrupt the media actually are.

The truth will set you free from the enslavement of the media liars.

Remember what we are voting for

This is what and this is why we are voting about today.

This is what we need to focus on.

WE need to remember what this election is all about.

This is why we need to vote today.

We have a problem with people who do not understand the truth about why we need law and order not rules and regulations.

We must stop people that are not able to understand the truth and we must have law and order.

Corruption in Washington

Why are we so partisan in Washington.
The truth is all about reality.

There are serious problems with partisans in office.

Corruption in Washington and it starts with Democrats.

This is why we have so many problems in Washington.

Press and Media failed

The press and the media failed in their attempt to suppress the voter turn out.

They tried and tried and even as early as this morning they were still trying to subvert the will of the American People.


This morning they were “Predicting” that all the votes cast this morning were going to Hillary?

When you listen to these talking heads on TV you might tend to think that all the votes are going for Hillary and that no one is voting for Trump.

But that would make no sense right?

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Record Turn out across the Nation

The Polls are going to be busy places today.

If you are registered to Vote go out and get it done.

One of the most interesting things here is that this year we are guaranteed to see a record turn out yet the media will only report this once it becomes so clear that their bias will be exposed if they do not report the facts.

We find this so often with the dishonest media and now the dishonest press.

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Polls opening soon

The Polls are opening soon and the Media are Foaming at the mouth to start proclaiming victory for their chosen candidate.

In fact they have spent the last week trying to rehabilitate their candidate.

They have been telling you for months that Donald Trump cannot Win that is is already over.

But is that not funny?

Guess what you can do today that will make a big different and shut up the Media?

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Election Results

The Media have already prepared the election results.

Now you might wonder how that is possible considering that most of America have not cast their votes yet.
There is a huge issue concerning interference by the press in connection with how the results of the election are published.

The media are actively involved in subverting the will of the American Voter.

We know this is true however to date we have not seen one apology from the mass media when they step beyond what they should be doing as reporters of the facts and not the opinion of a handful of people.

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Wall to Wall Election coverage

Welcome to the Media Circus Step Right up…

Come one, Come all, See the Spectacle of the Frenzied Biased Media Apparatus.

The Press has become this mixture of Entertainment, Information and Opinion.

Right now the Media or Press or Ring Master, (circus reference)

Are desperately trying to convince voters to stay home.

One thing that is really interesting is that these great Seers are really blind and naked and they don’t know it.

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Manipulating the polls

Earlier in the week you saw Poll Numbers change and it was not because there was an actual change in the poll numbers.

It was because the Media decided that they needed to show something different otherwise the few people that believe in anything the media tell you is true would start to suspect that the Media is lying to them.

Guess what…

The Media are lying to you.

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