The shame of being democrat

The truth about what is taking place in Washington now is plain to see to all the millions of American Voters who supported the election of our president.

Democrats should be ashamed of what they are doing.

They continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.

I say let them continue to make these silly mistakes and when the 2018 election occurs we can finally get rid of those people who continue to make these same mistakes over and over again.

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Sore Looser Media

The media lost the election…

Now you might wonder at that kind of a topic because just a few years ago the Media used to be respected, they used to have a purpose.

That has changed they are not corrupted to the point that they are no longer to be trusted.

You can’t trust the media to tell the truth.

They have been exposed as what they really are and they are not journalists.

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fake news censorship?

Are we looking at the beginning of censorship by republicans and democrats in congress?

The truth about how difficult this issue is and how it came into the main stream media is something that should be examined for what it really is and not by the sub standards of liars in the press.


Fake news as defined by the media is nothing more than censorship.

The problem with this so called fake news is real…

Who and what is the real fake news that you will not see on TV…

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Democrats in Denial

There is a process for Grief.

The Democrats are in a state of Denial.

  • DENIAL  Denial is the first of the five stages of grief. It helps us to survive the loss. …
  • ANGER  Anger is a necessary stage of the healing process. …
  • BARGAINING   Before a loss, it seems like you will do anything if only your loved one would be spared.

Sadly there is a really big problem for the Democrats they are not only in denial but they are denying what caused them to loose the election and loose it so very badly.

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Time for Juan Williams to eat his hat

Here we go Juan Williams is having a hard time with the serving of crow that is definitely coming his way.

He is currently speaking about how he cannot understand what is happening.

What is happening here is that for many democrats the reality of being disconnected from the real world is about to become more clear.

What is really interesting here is that Micheal Moore may be right.

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Weiner October surprise

Anthony Weiner may be behind the most monumental screw up of all time.

The truth is that people have no idea what is going on but it does appear that the media got wind of this issue and decided that they had pushed as far as they could go with bashing trump.

No matter what happens it is unlikely that this will result in a Clinton Prison Term however it will certainly cast more light on the sheer incredible numbers of amazing scandals at a time when the democrats hoped to have the media completely on their side.

Why did the Media stop pushing the false narrative that trump was being accused by women that some were proven to have been faked by the media?

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How you know the media is lying

How can you tell when the media is lying is very simple and easy.

You know they only support Democrats for President…

They are biased for democrats.

So, when you see them making a big deal out of something that they say is going to keep a republican from wining an office then you know that the opposite is actually the truth.

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October surprise from wikileaks

The dreaded October Surprise has begun and it is blatant corruption at its worst.

The truth here is a problem both for the democrats and for the Media.

Transcripts from Hillary’s Speeches to Wall Street where she was paid Millions of dollars (reported by the media)

Imagine what will happen next…

Is America completely corrupted?

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Trump and the Media..

You might think that the media are in love with Trump, but is that true?

    Some readers might think thats crazy is the writer being facetious?

Yes the writer is being facetious…
get a bigger phone





It is possible that there are some in the media that Do like him but many others do not.

At two different times in the past three months three different entities have said publicly on TV that Donald Trump should get out of the presidential race.

Now that is really interesting considering that one of the two democrats in the presidential race are likely going to be indicted on federal charges in the future.

So, really what did
the Donald do this time?

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